About Claire's Blooms in Stockton on Tees

Claire learned floristry - her vocation and what she was born to do, attending Stockton & Billingham college picking up National Vocational Qualifications I, II and III in Floristry. As well as gaining experience working in flower shops, Claire subsidised her income cleaning and unbelievably all this without being able to drive.  

Claire also has 4 children, the youngest of which - aptly named Poppy Lily Daisy, is already showing a floral interest, insisting on ‘helping’ mum out in the shop every Saturday and school holidays. Claire fondly remembers the green fingers of her grandfather who proudly grew green chrysanthemums used in shows and competitions…the same variety that she stocks daily in her beloved shop, your local florist, on your high street.

Claire prefers to work alone - wanting first hand involvement on everything that leaves her shop, ensuring only the freshest, stunning flowers leave to reach their destinations, bursting with colour and fragrance into the homes of your loved ones around the towns.

Remarkably, as well as her 4 children, Claire still finds time to take care of her mighty british bulldogs - Rita and Bob. Don’t ask her “where’s Sue” as you will just get a cheeky grin in response…… she’s far too busy creating gifts for you and your special people each and every one; bursting with a wealth of joy and emotion…

The talented team at Claire’s Blooms also specialises in flowers for local businesses – large and small. Whether it’s a regular delivery for reception areas, restaurants or public spaces, thank you’s to customers, or special designs for exhibitions, seminars and corporate events, we can help. Contact us to discuss your specific flower requirements by calling +44(0)1642 956060.